Smooth-E Company Limited was established in 1990 in Bangkok , a pharmacist with extensive working experience and expertise. During that time, Observed that personal care products sold in Thailand were of inferior quality compared to those marketed in Europe and the US. With image and health consciousness increasing in Thailand, he therefore introduced Smooth-E under the concept of cosmeceutical products.


Smooth-E continues to invest in research and development in partnership with medical institutes and hospitals to develop innovative, effective and safe products for the market. At the end of 2004, Smooth-E will launch Smooth-E Sunscreen SPF 52, a physical sun block and anti-aging cream, the first of its kind in the world that does not contain chemicals; Smooth-E White Babyface Night Cream, a cream to reduce and prevent freckles and blemishes for a white and youthful complexion; and Smooth-E Scar Reducing Plaster, a silicone plaster to smooth away scars. Smooth-E will increase its marketing activities to directly target local consumers through schools, universities, hospitals and clinics. Furthermore, the company will continue to expand its presence overseas, especially in Asia, by using Thailand as a manufacturing base for export.


Smooth-E is recognised by customers as high-quality cosmeceutical products recommended by doctors and pharmacists. State-of-the-art medical technology is used to constantly improve and develop Smooth-E products. With cosmeceutical technology widely accepted among the medical and pharmaceutical professions as well as the public, Smooth-E products hold the number one sales position in pharmacies nationwide.


Numerous brands have tried to imitate Smooth-E but have failed and eventually retreated from the market due to ineffective formulas and low-quality production technology which results in an inferior quality cream base  Over 45 percent of new Smooth-E users are from word-of-mouth recommendation